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"The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach."
— Benjamin Mays


1. Be willing to make lots of mistakes. Mistakes are life lessons – you learn from them. It’s better to do something than to never take a risk.

2. When you’re choosing a career, think of jobs that you will love. It doesn’t feel like work if it is something that you love. And if you follow your passion, then success will follow you.  

3. Keep trying out new interests and exploring new ideas. The more things you try and experience in life, the more interesting and rich your life will be. You only live once, so try and live life to the full.

4. Sometimes less is more. Choose an area, or two, where you think you can excel - and build a reputation for being highly skilled. You need to narrow your focus to master anything.

5. Take the opportunities that come your way. If you don’t act quickly someone else might get there first – and that great opportunity may not come round again.

6. Don’t worry too much about what others think. Do NOT let other people define who you’ll become. Be true to yourself – and seek to follow your own dreams.

7. Make other people feel good about themselves. The secret of life is having good relationships. Treat everybody well, and show them patience and respect. If people feel good when they’re with you, it will open lots of doors (and you’ll enjoy life more, and have some great relationships.)

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I wished I had enough money so I can go to some highly prestigious university and study about the environmental sustainability.

I really enjoyed my environmental science class as well as the lab class that I took few semesters back. Even though, it was pretty challenging I actually learned some things about the nature that I deeply cared about so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Save the rain forest and protect the environment from exploitation, and everythang.

Well that dream is on hold atm. As of right now, I just recycle bunch of shit and reduce my carbon foot print by staying home on tumblr LOLOL

so what’s ur dreams/goals? will ya care to share with me?  

*what a fantastic goal. Yay for Manchester United again :]


"Before we accomplish anything in the physical world, we first have to imagine us doing so. It’s in the realm of the imagination where reality is born."