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  1. Austrian Empire: Crown of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor
  2. German Empire: German State Crown
  3. Russian Empire: Great Imperial Crown
  4. Kingdom of Hungary: Holy Crown of Saint Stephen
  5. German Empire: Crown of the German Empress
  6. Kingdom of Bohemia: Crown of St. Wenceslas
  7. Kingdom of Prussia: Crown of Wilhelm II
  8. German Empire: Crown of the Crown Prince
  9. Kingdom of Bavaria: Royal crown of Bavaria
  10. United Kingdom: Crown of St. Edward
  11. United Kingdom: Crown of Queen Victoria
  12. Kingdom of Italy: Royal crown of Italy
  13. Archduchy of Austria: Archducal coronet
  14. Kingdom of Sweden: Crown of the Swedish Crown Prince
  15. Kingdom of Romania: Steel Crown of Romania

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Hungary destroys 1,000 acres of Monsanto maize

Genetically modified seeds are banned in Hungary. So when government regulators found that 1,000 acres of maize had been planted with genetically modified seeds, they just plowed the suckers under. You stick it to the Monsanto, Hungary!

Fuck yeah Hungarians!!!

* Now y’all are wondering why they did it… well there’s not much long-term study about the effects of consuming GMO foods for human body.

Oh did I mention MONSANTO has “patent” these GMO plants and engineered them to die off after the season so the farmers are forced to buy the seeds from them again and again?


* Barbara Palvin


* Barbara Palvin is a Hungarian hottie!

* Barbara Palvin is a Hungarian hottie!

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